Our Ingredients

All of our ingredients are organic, ethically wildcrafted and harvested. We recycle and compost all plants that have been used. We make our own sprouted milks in-house to avoid unwanted additives.

Illustrations by Dorothy Chait, Laura's daugher.

Ginger Root

Improves digestive health, reduces inflammation, and relieves pain


Relieves anxiety, stress, and insomnia

Tulsi Holy Basil

A sacred superfood that improves heart health and relieves stress


High in antioxidants and immunity booster

Chamomile Flowers

Reduce anxiety and stress, even improves sleep quality

Wild Chaga Mushroom

The king of medicinal mushrooms and immunity booster

The chaga mushroom grows on birch trees throughout the northern hemisphere. It often resembles a dark clump of dirt but has bright orange tissue beneath its exterior.

Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) is high in antioxidants and plant compounds that may benefit health.

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Raw Cacao

Food of the Gods, vitamin and mineral-rich

Egyptian Hibiscus Flowers

Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and soothes menstrual cramps

Marshmallow Root

Kidney and bladder cleanser, soothes the stomach

Slippery Elm Bark

A natural prebiotic that prevents and calms heartburn

Raw Local Honey

A phytonutrient powerhouse – antioxidant, vitamin, and mineral-rich


An adaptogen that reduces allergies and supports reproductive system


Promotes breast milk production and calms the nervous system

Linden Tree

A natural detoxifier, pain reducer – been known to calm the nervous system


A natural detoxifier, pain reducer – been known to calm the nervous system

Butterfly Blue Pea

Antioxidant powerhouse with anti-inflammatory properties that boosts the immune system

Lemon Verbena

Soothes digestion and supports the respiratory system

Lemon Balm

Antioxidant-rich, soothes digestion and is a mood elevator

Cayenne Pepper

Supports heart health, eases joint pain, been known to prevent cancer

Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Anti-bacterial, antioxidant rich, and a mood enhancer

Ceylon Cinnamon

Anti inflammatory superfood

Concord Grapes

Natural detoxifier that supports the immune system and can lower blood pressure

Orange Peel

Polyphenol and vitamin rich, which boost the immune system

Passion Flower Vine

Calms nervous system and can reduce anxiety


Natural detoxifier, vitamin rich, that supports oral health

Activated Charcoal

Can remove toxins and heavy metals, supports organ function

Wild Rose

Power source for Vitamin C that supports heart health

Schisandra Berry

An anti-inflammatory adaptogen, that supports adrenal health

Rose Hips

Immune booster that supports digestion and adrenal health


Promotes adrenal health and is known to lower blood pressure